How Life Span Of Wooden Frame Houses

- May 11, 2017 -

The history of the wooden house in the field has a lifetime of centuries or even thousands of years, such as the Forbidden City of the Royal cabin of China has a hundred centuries of architectural history. According to the experts ' research also found that wood frame houses most in accord with human habitation, coupled with modern technology to wood processing, not only in the design to meet the needs of the vast number of consumers in mind, in a tailor-made way for the masses to live in wood frame houses all the requirements can be met, presumably we all know that trees are the longest life on Earth species, its own special advantage is that other species can not be substituted.

Experts also say that wooden houses are suitable for human habitation, while also the efficacy of longevity. Perennial living in wood frame house life expectancy is usually more than 9-11 years of life expectancy in other mixed-clay structures, the cabin has the function of cool in winter and warm summer, good noise effect, no pollution, green environmental protection and so on.

Experts analysis said: According to the current situation in China's cabin development, to the 2020 China's green wooden cabin will be universal to the national large and medium-sized cities and rural areas, our government has consistently advocated the sustainable development of environmental protection construction industry. In the United States and Japan, Canada and other developed countries, 80 urban residents live in the cottage villa, while in the Wood Villa service life in the past hundred years. As a result, the cabin was liked and hot in the local people.